I love buns! Can you tell?This "top bun" is perfect because its simple yet classic. Reminds me if my early ballerina days...early early days. I think I was five. If you have longer hair than me you can actually tug some of your hair looser to make it appear fuller. Score!
Back to work again!

I felt like I had a mini vacation getting Tuesday & Wednesday off this week. 

I guess I've been getting overtime a little too long.

Today for work I still had a little "vacation brain" so I decided I needed to have an easy outfit day.

My favorite easy outfit? 
A cardigan and a patterned shirt

I also expanded my easy day to my makeup. I did my regular coverup, light blush with just a tad of mascara.

Best accessory?
A great smile.

Yes, yes I did just write that incredibly cheesy line.
But its true.
I love the way this bun is so messy and unkept but still out of your way. Perfect.

Heres how to do it.

1. Make a low ponytail.
2. Grab a small, finger sized piece of hair from the top of your pony. 
    Loop it up, over and under your hair tie.
3. Continue to take small pieces and tucking them similarly back into your hair tie. 
    Do this until you have all/almost all of your hair back into a "bun."

You can make this look as messy or as neat as you want. 
When my hair is longer I can make it look really neat for a more formal style. 
I bought this fedora some time ago when they were everywhere in stores.

Its an instant chick-transformation! I honesty feel ten times cooler when I throw this bad boy on.
Love it.

So if you're feeling like shaking up your casual look grab yourself a fedora and rock it! 

Outfit basics; 

1. Fedora
2. Grey loose shirt
3. Black bottoms
4. Long chain necklace   
I decided to use an old photo for todays fashion post. 

The basics; black heels & pencil skirt, yellow top and grey vest. There are three different colors, gotta love contrast! The black and grey are nutral to prevent the combo from being to add contr too overwhelming. 

I did my hair down with full curls to add a spunky vibe.
I was finally brave enough to try a middle part this weekend. 

I've decided I have become too attached to my left side part and that it was time to go outside the comfort zone.

I think all of us have that "beauty comfort zone" in which we operate and are afraid to try things that may seem a little too strange for us. 

Break it.

It took some getting used to but I had a lot of fun with my middle part today!

I decided to mimic a "blow out" and loosely curl my hair. Changing my part actually gave me more volume. 

I'll take it! 

I've decided I will let the picture do most of the talking on this post, 
I will however note that I realize necklace is spelled wrong. 

Not changing it now. 
Too lazy. 
Its Saturday. 
My mind doesn't work on Saturdays...

I got my faux leather leggings on Amazon for $14
I love the edgy zipper on the side and they go with basically everything.
As promised, my "curling with your straightener" tutorial...
1. You'll want to use relatively small pieces of hair to allow the heat of the straightener work its way through. 
Also if you feeling overwhelmed with hair everywhere, tie up the sections of your hair you are not currently working with. Much better, no?

2. Get your straightener on that baby, start as close to your scalp as your comfortable with. Don't burn yourself! 
Again, little pieces at a time.

3. Turn your straightener to a bend & slowly pull away from your scalp to your tips.

4. Continue until you've got a luscious head of curls to your liking.

Notes: Depending on the angle you hold the straighter will depend on how loose/tight curls you have. 
The angle I chose here gave me pretty loose curls [figure 4]

If you want really tight curls you will want you straightener to be parallel with the floor. 
In the same respect if you want really loose beachy waves you will almost want your straightener vertical.

You can also choose to bend your straightener towards your mirror or away; This will determine the way your curl goes.
Its Friday!

I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it this week.
But all is well and I'm in jeans! Whew!

Alright when I have a day off its usually a "errand day" or a cleaning day. Today needed to be both.

Naturally I wanted to look cute but be comfy. 
(long week of business professional slacks!)

I chose jean shorts, black sandals ($5, thank you very much!), my white v-neck and a blue plaid button down.

I also did a super simple updo with a cute greenish yellow silk scarf.

I had some fun with my eye make-up though!
*I'll post a tutorial on that soon.

Happy Friday folks!

If you want a easy updo use a silk scarf! I'm in love. 

You can pretty much tie it any way you want. I found several tutorials online.

I chose to wing it!

I started by finding the middle of my scarf and laying it on the top of my head.

I then took the two ends, that were hanging down on each side of my head, and crossed them under my hair line by the nape of my neck. I went back and forth crossing at the top of my head and my neck line until I ran out of scarf.

You can see in the pictures [above] that I just tied it off on the side of my head, leaving some cute loose ends.

If you have bangs you can also tuck them in to keep them out of your face and it still looks great!