The has been one of my favorite "go to" casual outfits. I bought the jeans (which have awesome zippers on the sides) at Forever 21 for around $20 and the shirt around the same. 

The boots I borrowed from my sister Maddy along with the kaki green military jacket.

I have been a proud supporter of the top knot lately. I have been cheating and using a rolled sock with the toe cut off to make my bun fuller. I tucked my hair over the sock and under my ponytail and wa-lah!
Awful picture...but it will have to do. Sometimes it stinks not having a tripod.

For this Sunday outfit I wore a mustard/patterned dress with a tan jacket, brown belt, brown boots and a chunky navy necklace.

I did a top knot to keep my hair simple. I was in a rush!

I loved this outfit because the boots are super comfy and a lot easier to get around in than heels when you are on the go.
I was supposed to post this yesterday but my poor old lap top was crying for a break...

One of these days its going to break down on me.

Jake got this pencil skirt for a couple (hmm...not sure how to spell that) ago.

Anyways I love it, pencil skirts are usually pretty flattering on most shapes. They emphasize your smallest point (your true waist) and your best curve, your bum. 

I paired the skirt with my grey v-neck and black blazer.

The thing I love about this one is that all the lines are very sleek and professional. Great for work.

Too keep the sleek look I put my hair in a simple bun.
You'll notice that I have a lot of black and white clothes and out fit ideas.

You can't go wrong with black and white.

This is one of my favorite couple of pieces of clothing:

1. Lace turtle neck

2. Pencil skirt with suspenders

3. Faux leather heeled booties

I was daring and I added fancy make-up with darling red lips and a cross bun.
I love red lips! I rarely get the courage to wear them though because I have large lips and color draws that much more attention to them. 

But what the hey! I decided to go for it today.

 I also tried out a new hair style today; the cross bun. I got the hairstyle from this blog.

My bun wasn't as tidy because my hair is short and layered but it still turned out pretty cute. It was really easy too.

All you need to do is make a low loop , by not pulling your pony completely through your hair tie. Make sure you leave out two pieces by your ears. Take those two pieces and wrap them over your pony and bobby pin in place. 

It is that EASY.
I was feeling "green" for work today. But seriously, I love green...and I love cardigans. I got this extra long one a couple years ago. 

Today I paired it with my black vest, zebra halter and grey slacks.

I used gold tones for my eye shadow and similar bronzer on my cheeks.

For my hair I formed a low messy bum on the right side of my head. Whenever I have an updo I try to take advantage and wear dangly earrings! Today I wore my gold chain ones.
I love the way this bun is so messy and unkept but still out of your way. Perfect.

Heres how to do it.

1. Make a low ponytail.
2. Grab a small, finger sized piece of hair from the top of your pony. 
    Loop it up, over and under your hair tie.
3. Continue to take small pieces and tucking them similarly back into your hair tie. 
    Do this until you have all/almost all of your hair back into a "bun."

You can make this look as messy or as neat as you want. 
When my hair is longer I can make it look really neat for a more formal style. 
Its Friday!

I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it this week.
But all is well and I'm in jeans! Whew!

Alright when I have a day off its usually a "errand day" or a cleaning day. Today needed to be both.

Naturally I wanted to look cute but be comfy. 
(long week of business professional slacks!)

I chose jean shorts, black sandals ($5, thank you very much!), my white v-neck and a blue plaid button down.

I also did a super simple updo with a cute greenish yellow silk scarf.

I had some fun with my eye make-up though!
*I'll post a tutorial on that soon.

Happy Friday folks!

If you want a easy updo use a silk scarf! I'm in love. 

You can pretty much tie it any way you want. I found several tutorials online.

I chose to wing it!

I started by finding the middle of my scarf and laying it on the top of my head.

I then took the two ends, that were hanging down on each side of my head, and crossed them under my hair line by the nape of my neck. I went back and forth crossing at the top of my head and my neck line until I ran out of scarf.

You can see in the pictures [above] that I just tied it off on the side of my head, leaving some cute loose ends.

If you have bangs you can also tuck them in to keep them out of your face and it still looks great!
Find of the month...

This fantastic navy blazer! Purchased at Charlotte Russe for $15 dollars. 

My favorite detail is the gold zipper that goes around the entire blazer; such a cute detail!

Worth every penny

I paired it with my white button down from Banana Republic $20 and black slacks, also from Banana Republic $35. 

They were on sale.

Gold stud earrings and my favorite watch.

For my hair I did a braided crown with a bun in the back; keep posted for the tutorial!