You'll notice that I have a lot of black and white clothes and out fit ideas.

You can't go wrong with black and white.

This is one of my favorite couple of pieces of clothing:

1. Lace turtle neck

2. Pencil skirt with suspenders

3. Faux leather heeled booties

I was daring and I added fancy make-up with darling red lips and a cross bun.
I love red lips! I rarely get the courage to wear them though because I have large lips and color draws that much more attention to them. 

But what the hey! I decided to go for it today.

 I also tried out a new hair style today; the cross bun. I got the hairstyle from this blog.

My bun wasn't as tidy because my hair is short and layered but it still turned out pretty cute. It was really easy too.

All you need to do is make a low loop , by not pulling your pony completely through your hair tie. Make sure you leave out two pieces by your ears. Take those two pieces and wrap them over your pony and bobby pin in place. 

It is that EASY.
I was finally brave enough to try a middle part this weekend. 

I've decided I have become too attached to my left side part and that it was time to go outside the comfort zone.

I think all of us have that "beauty comfort zone" in which we operate and are afraid to try things that may seem a little too strange for us. 

Break it.

It took some getting used to but I had a lot of fun with my middle part today!

I decided to mimic a "blow out" and loosely curl my hair. Changing my part actually gave me more volume. 

I'll take it!