Its so fun visiting family...its also fun to triple your wardrobe by borrowing all your sisters clothes! 

For our boat extravaganza I took a dive in my sister Maddy's closet. 

I wore her floral skirt, polka dot button down (and tied) shirt and  red orange cardigan with black sandals.
Bringing out an older picture today for some causal outfit inspiration!

This picture is from a photo session with my sister TyRee that we did for fun. I wore my hot pink plaid collared button down with my MissMe jeans. 

I'm a little spoiled by my sweet husband; he bought me the fancy jeans! Such a sweetheart. 

Getting back on track...

For my hair, I took advantage of my wild bed head hair waves. I added a couple extra curls as needed with my straightener and then bobby pinned my bangs into a large poof.
This is such a fun girly outfit! I'm married to a cowboy so of course he got me some nice Ariat boots. Yes, I'm spoiled.

I paired my sweet boots with my lace blouse, knit bolero, floral skirt, brown belt and bronze jewelry. As cheesy as it sounds, I just felt pretty and feminine. 
The idea: Pair blouse, cardigan and belt (cinched at below your bust or at your true waist).

I chose my peach cardigan, tan blouse and brown belt. 

For bottoms I wore brown slacks and tan oxfords.

I also curled my hair with a straighter. 

By the way curling with a straighter is amazing! you can do tight or loose curls and they stay FOREVER!

I will post a tutorial curling with a straightener later this week.

You can see the complete outfit below; it works great for me because I work for a bank.

Professional yet fun and simple!