I realized while typing the title to the post that it sounds too much like pin-up girls. Whoops! Too late, already edited my photo.

This pin-up is for pinning up the sides of your hair to mimic a half up hair style.

I first loosely curled my entire head. Then I pulled back the sides of my hair, one at a time, and bobby pinned into place. 


For my hair I loosly curled all my hair. 

I then pulled my bangs and the sides of my hair back into a poof. I secured with four bobby pins.

If your poof doesn't stand very well you can "rat" it first.

All in all pretty easy.

For eye makeup I coated my eye from inner corner to mid lid with white & outer corner to mid lid with light pink. 

To add definition I took a darker pink in my eye crease from outer corner to mid lid. 

I finished with mascara.