As promised, my "curling with your straightener" tutorial...
1. You'll want to use relatively small pieces of hair to allow the heat of the straightener work its way through. 
Also if you feeling overwhelmed with hair everywhere, tie up the sections of your hair you are not currently working with. Much better, no?

2. Get your straightener on that baby, start as close to your scalp as your comfortable with. Don't burn yourself! 
Again, little pieces at a time.

3. Turn your straightener to a bend & slowly pull away from your scalp to your tips.

4. Continue until you've got a luscious head of curls to your liking.

Notes: Depending on the angle you hold the straighter will depend on how loose/tight curls you have. 
The angle I chose here gave me pretty loose curls [figure 4]

If you want really tight curls you will want you straightener to be parallel with the floor. 
In the same respect if you want really loose beachy waves you will almost want your straightener vertical.

You can also choose to bend your straightener towards your mirror or away; This will determine the way your curl goes.

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