I have the shortest, straightest eyelashes. I usually curl them everyday and put on waterproof mascara to hold the curl. On occasion I will wear a faux eyelash strip but lets be honest they are kind of a pain.

We have a new girl at work that is also going to beauty school. She told me about eyelash extensions. So cool. Now they are a bit expensive; usually around $50-$65 a set. A set will last about 3 week however, it depends on how well you take care of them.

I decided to try them and I. am. in. love. I don't need to wear mascara at all! 

I didn't brush them out in this picture thats why the middle is a little clumped...anyways...

To get them on I had to lie down for about an half hour to an hour while she individually glued each lash to my own. It was pretty cool. 

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