This is my "so excited for work face"

No really, I love my job. All sarcasm aside.

I bought this red-orange blazer at Forever 21 a couple of months ago. I don't remember the price but they are usually pretty reasonable ($20 range).

I paired it with this black and white striped shirt and black slacks. I love the shirt because it has a ribbon bow sew on. 

I wore my pearl dangly earring [see below for close up] and simple makeup. 

For my hair I did a "twist and tuck". No this is not the actual name but thats a good enough discription. Posting the tutorial shortly.

You can see my dangly earring a little bit better here.

They are basically chunky with different sizes of pearls that hang down about an inch.

My makeup is just foundation & light blush.

For the eyes I have a thin line of back eyeliner across my top lid and a thin line underneath, following my lower lashes, that goes from my outer corner to middle.

 Black mascara to finish.

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