So I don't how many of your are out there that are loving the new fashions but can't do anything with the mid-drifts and   bustiers because of personal preference, religious reasons etc.

I decided that I would enjoy some of these funky fashions but adapt to my liking. 

I started by making a mid-drift from one of my favorite band tees, this Guns and Roses one was getting too small anyways. I simply cut up from the hem to just under my bust line. I did this all the way around the shirt. Real simple. 

You can reference my picture above if you would like to have the same look.

I layered my re-vamped band tee over a white tank and used my knit bolero over top. For bottoms I wore my MissMe jeans Jake got me for Christmas. 

My hair was simple I added a couple curls to my already wavy bed head and teased my crown for volume.

I also found and awesome blog for make-up that gave some great tips for applying faux eyelashes. You can find the video here.

Her basic tips where apply enough glue, especially make sure you have enough on the ends of the strip. 

Allow some time for the glue to dry a little before you apply it to you eye (about 1 min.)

Center your lash by applying the center of the lash to the center of your lid and then press down the corners.

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