1. Start by creating a part at the top of your head; begin to twist, one side at a time, your hair up and under. See figure 1. 

*When you get done with the first side you going to want to tie it tight with a ponytail until you get the other side done or it will just fall right out.

2. Gather your two twists into one low set ponytail. You may need to pull your "twist" a little tighter before you tie it off. 

Next put a finger or two through the top of your pony, between your ponytail and your scalp making a hole. You will be pulling your left and right twist out a little to create this hole. See figure 2.

2. Flip your ponytail up and push through the whole you created. See figure 3.

Now bobby pin the crap out of that sucker!

I usually put a couple in my twists on both sides to keep them tight and where I want. I also throw a couple to secure my hair that a pushed through so that it doesn't come out during the day.

Amanda F
6/12/2013 01:43:39

This technique is so cool- easy and it looks great!


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