I decided I wanted a kitchen upgrade. 

Obviously, new cabinets are really expensive so I decided to start small by adding hardware!

What you'll need:

Philips head driver bit
Drill bit [same width as your hardware's screw]

I chose these two different types of hardware [left]

The pyramid knobs I got from Overstock.

They came in a pack of 20 for $25.00

The label pulls I got from Van Dyke's Restorers.

They were cheaper in chrome [$3.49] so I also bought Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray-paint [$6.00]

Start by marking where your hardware will go. I used a level for my label pull hardware to make sure it was straight and a ruler to make sure it was centered. 

Find a drill bit that is the same, or close, to the thickness of your hardware screws. Put your drill bit tightly in your drill. The pyramid knobs needed a hole that went all the way through the cabinet doors. 

Jake's drill has a level on it so I was able to easily drill a level hole. Very important. You don't want your hardware going in on an angle. I got a little tired and I have two interesting looking knobs.

Put the drill bit in and out of the hole a couple of times after you make it through so that the screw is able to go through relatively easy. I tried putting my screw through after just drilling through once and pulling it out and it was a PAIN!

You still want some resistance but you should be able to screw it in without working up a sweat and stripping your screws. You don't want to strip your screws!

For my knobs I drilled the screw in from the back of the cabinet, with my philips head driver bit [top left image]. I screwed my knob right onto the exposed screw on the front [top middle image]. Easy.

My label pull hardware did not need the hole to go all the way through drawer. I used a smaller drill bit since I had much smaller screws. I only drilled far enough into the drawer to the screw to be completely in the drawer. I put my screws in by hand because the screws were too small for my driver bit and they called for a flat head.

Now I just need to get some cute labels in those pulls!

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