Jake and I finally decided  we were ready to upgrade to a King mattress... I happen to be a bit of a night terror. Poor Jake.

We just paid off our living room couch with no interest paid thank you very much. Yay! 

We went big and got a SleepNumber bed. We figured that if we were going to get  a bed it better be a good one. 

We picked the C4, the base and mattress cover which came out to $3,000.0o and some change. The plan to do the same thing and have it paid off in a year/year in a half with no interest. 

Next was the bedding
I found the above bedding set at Bed Bath & Beyond but the trouble is that for all the pillows etc that I wanted it was going to cost around $300.

Yes, I know it sounds a little silly to be frugal after buying a really expensive bed. Sue me.

So I went on the hunt!

I checked Walmart, Amazon, etc etc etc online but sometimes you just need to go out and look yourself.

I scored! I found the below sheets, duvet cover, two pillow cases, and down alternative comforter from Target all for....


The biggest bonus?

My Target bedding above and to the top right...so much cuter than the Bed Bath & Beyond one. 

Love, love, love it!

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