You'll soon find that I am a sucker for cheap finds.
AND that I love to try and make things myself or add my personal touch.

I am sad to say, I did not record making the above pillow flower while I was doing, it but I will share!

I bought the blue and white striped pillow on Amazon for $15 & with shipping it ended up being $20; not too bad for a pillow. You can find cheaper pillows at Ross, TJ Max etc but I had my eye on this thick striped style. 

Pillows usually run $30-$80 bucks if your buying at RC Willey, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond etc. Yikes!

First off my inspiration for the room this goes in is Mustard Yellow, Grey, Navy & White. If you want the whole feel you can check out my pinterest board. Thats right. I said pinterest. I'm obsessed like everybody else.

Making the mustard flower was beyond simple! 


Canvas Material (enough to back your flower)

Sewing Machine 
Material sissors

I chose a mustard color ribbon l liked at Walmart; Non-shinny about 1-1 1/2 thick. I also bought some yellow thread to match. All together my purchases were around $5.00-$10.00.

I used a scrap of canvas material for my backing; You don't need canvas but I recommend it for this project because it is a stiffer/sturdier material. 

Ready, Set, Go!

1.Cut your canvas in a circle, just a little smaller than you want your flower to be.  

2. Start sewing your ribbon down beginning at the edge of your circle, not the middle! 
Sew around in a circle, gradually tapering inwards in a spiral. 
Don't worry about the fact that your ribbon is bunching and overlapping. 

If you look above at my flower the bunches and overlapping actually add to the cute-ness.

Messups = cute


To finish off your flower you can hand stitch the last overlap to minimize stitching in the center.

I stuck my flower to my pillow with Tacky Glue (Fabric glue would probably be better though)

And that. is. it. Bada bing bada bom!

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