1. Packing paper is awesome! Newspaper does work but it leaves a weird film on your plates.

2. Pack by room and label your boxes 

3. Take the time to clear out what you don't need/want before you pack it. Its the best time to go through your stuff and throw out things your don't use. 

Better yet, yardsale!

4. Buy paperware; plates, utensils & paper towels

5. Make sure you tape your boxes tight! You do not want anything falling out...

6. Use garbage bags for your clothes & towels

7. Keep out your important everyday stuff; toothbrushes, phone chargers, makeup, razors, shampoo & conditioner. 

We pack a carry on with these items plus a couple outfits, extra socks and underwear.

8. Paint, if thats your plan, before you put up your stuff.

9. Clean before you put your stuff out.

10. Many hands makes light work.

11. Pack your kitchen last and unpack it first

12. Put up your bed right away

13. If you don't get to the all your boxes the first day at least make sure you put them in "their" room.

14. Put up your pictures. I always want my new place to feel like mine. Pictures is usually the easiest way to start this process.

15. Bake cookies! I got this idea from my mother-in-law, Corina. The smell of cookies makes your new place feel like home.

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