I decided I needed to share my fashion inspiration notebook today. I have had quite a few friends comment on what a great idea it is. Basically I have compiled my favorite outfits, hair, jewelry etc in this cute little notebook.

This is before I had heard of Pinterest (its very similar by having your inspiration assembled) but I actually like it better, call me old school.

Below I have a slideshow of a couple of the pages in my book. I have a combination of magazine print outs, sketches and print outs.
Here is how you make your own notebook...

What you'll need:

1 Composition notebook
Tacky glue
2 8"x11" matching scrapbooking or design paper sheets [cover & back]
1 8"x11" different scrapbooking or design paper sheet [binding]
2 8"x11" matching solid colored paper sheets [inside covers]
2' of ribbon

Start by gluing your 2 matching scrapbooking paper sheets to your front cover and back cover. Make sure the paper is centered, fold over any excess paper to your inside cover and glue.

On my notebook theses papers are multicolored polka dots [see below right].
Next, grab your ribbon and place your ribbon center on your binding & book [reference right top]. 

Depending on your skills you can hold your ribbon in place or you can put a glue dot where your ribbon meets your binding. 

Grab your different scrapbooking design paper, mine was this pink lettered paper, and center it on your binding over your ribbon. 

Cut any paper hanging over your book.

Glue equal portion on your back cover and your front cover, completely covering your binding [again reference right top].

Finally, cover your excess paper (folded over from first two design papers) with your solid two papers and glue [reference right bottom]. Ta Da!

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