We have mice!

I could die. I think we are getting the full scoop of "welcome to home ownership" pie.

We noticed them right around the time the pipes burst in January so we got working on getting them out of our house.

I thought that we had beat them but I recently found, whats a nice way of saying this?!, droppings. 

Luckily mouse traps & poison is relatively cheap. 

We have had the most luck with these "Catchmaster" sticky pads pictured above [far right]. If you notice from my receipt they are $2 for a pack of 3. 

Side note; check your traps frequently! If you catch a mouse on your sticky pad get rid of them immediately. If you are lazy, yes I am speaking from experience, they will actually try to chew their own legs off to escape.

How is that for a vivid picture?

Oh, and they may seem cute at first but they are not
They poop everywhere. 
Chew on everything. 
Climb on places you would think they couldn't reach. 

Nothing is safe.

Next on our list is to go around and try to seal any areas around our home were they are getting in. Lots of work!
Hopefully you all live in mice free home.

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