I've shared some of Jake's favorite recipes so I thought it only fair if I shared one of mine; I love Navajo Tacos.

They are easy, taste divine AND they can be a dinner and dessert in one! 

What is not perfect about that?!
What you'll need:

2-3 cans of Chile (I am just a Chile bean kind of girl, so sue me!)
1 pkg Rhodes Dinner Rolls
Vegetable Oil (for frying)

Lettuce, shredded 
Tomatoes, chopped
Onion, chopped
Shredded Cheese
If you want to have some dessert scones you want to add... 

Powder Sugar 

and whatever else tickles your fancy to your grocery list.

Start by taking out your dough and laying your rolls out on a baking sheet. 
The dough needs to rise. 

You can take it out earlier in the day and leave a clean dish towel over the top 
if you are lazy like me you can force your dough to rise sooner. You do this by turning your oven to the 100 oF or less and pop in your rolls with pot of water on the rack below them. 

Keep a good eye on them! You don't want to cook them...just raise and fluff them :)
Prepare your toppings while your dough is rising...

Once the dough is done start stretching it. You want to make them into flatter "plate-like" circles. How is that for a confusing description?

You can check out my picture below!
While you are stretching your dough, heat up your oil; I put mine on medium heat. 

You want enough oil to be able to fry your scones...

I test to make sure it is hot enough by taking a small piece of dough and tossing it in. If it starts bubbling and browning the oil is hot enough.
Take your flattened dough and throw a couple onto your heated oil, I usually do two at a time so I don't burn them. 

No one likes burned scones!
The scones will cook quickly so make sure you watch carefully.

Mine usually cook in a minute or so. You also want to make sure you flip them and cook both sides. You can see my cooked scones in the above right photo.
Pile on your goodies and enjoy!!! 


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