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1. Using the poster I got from the game for the "Goooal!" [p. 1], team crest [p. 1] and team picture [p. 2].
I love incorporating things I get from actual events on the page. It always brings different textures and fonder memories

2. Use of stapler on my letter to attach the tafita. Also the staples to attach my writing paper.

3. Foam to pop out some of my lettering, "REAL" [p.1] and "Jacob" [p. 2]

4. Ha ha to this day I still manage to have something misspelled on my pages!
Oh well, something for the kiddies to laugh at I guess...or something for Jake to laugh at. Stinker.
Can I just say I have an adorable husband?
Just look at this cutie!

For this page I wanted to have somewhat of a manly color scheme and feel...

okay it didn't turn out too overly manly...

I really liked the cork board paper.
I used to to mimick a message board; I have a clip board holding up my "polorid" picture and "pins" to hold up my writing strips.        

I used ribbon, lace, a metal spiral and a bear stamp (colored with color pencil) for details [right]                                                                                                                        
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This page is one of my favorites. 
I love, love, love the color scheme.

For my red, blue and tan stripes I used scraps. I love scraps. 
I have a lot of love today I guess...

I only had one "light blue whale" paper but I wanted to use it on both pages (to tie them together). 


I cut off the bottom 3 inches and used the main portion on page 1. 
The extra 3 inches I turned vertical for the right side of page 2.

The shells were cut with the cricket. 

I tied the net [bottom of page 2] together using thick white string. 

I hand cut the "tags" from page 2 and used a hole punch for the circle. 
I cut out one of the whales (from my paper), added some hand cut "waves and "14" (# of lifeguards) to the first tag. 
For the second tag I wrote the name of our pool and the "Summer '10."

I always write a date on my pages; no use documenting memories if you can't remember when they are from! :)

To honor of the fact that Summer has finally made it to Utah..."knock on wood" I decided that I needed to post a Summer themed scrapbook page.

I chose a somewhat calm blue background page, light blue waves.

3 fun patterned pages were cut into thick stripes [pic above]; rainbow striped [far left], summer script [middle] and purple polka dots [far right].

I found these cute foam beach stickers [top right pic] from Archivers at the Provo Town Center Mall. I glued pieces of thick white string between them to "connect".

For the sun's middle I chose a shimmery orange paper. The "summer" letters, cut with the cricket, and the sun beams were cut from the same matte orange paper.

I used foam puffs to make the "summer" stand out. I also stuck another piece of white string under the "U" where the oranges were blending together.
I also used a white gel pen around the entire page; to create "stitching" around the sun, to frame Jake kissing me and to "stitch" around my labels.
Some favorite details [page 1]:

1. The "love" in the bird's tail which starts off my page title "love is an adventure"

2. The heart "paper clips", thank you Corina's cricket!

3. The framed flower 

4. The cut out circles running along left side, cut from a scrap of paper.
Some favorite details [page 2]:

1. Ribbion and twine attached at bottom by a washer and 2 brads

2. The matching circles down right side of page, matching page 1

3. Framed "&" symbol
I made this page when I was too frugal to pay for decorative scrapbooking paper. I got a book of plain colors, which is where I got the grey. 

The black and white print is actually printed from my computer
I just googled demask pattern. I was so proud of myself. 

I also used real newspaper but I would advise against this for those of you also using it. Here is why;
 My mother-in-law, the Queen of scrapbooking, informed me that the acids in the newspaper will most likely damage photos over time. 

Also, be aware of the type of adhesives you are using. Same deal, acids will damage your pics!

 The white paper for picture boarder is printer paper and the white stripes were scraps. I did fork out the "big bucks" for the flowers, sparkly letters and white/black rub on letters. I love rub ons! Anyway, happy scrapin'!

My favorite detail of this page? ...

The faux "stiching" 
*note the zoomed detail on the left.

You know those cute stickers you can buy at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Michael's etc.? 
Why not save the $3-$6 bucks and make your own?

I took my inspiration for my large bird from my bird paper (right side of my page). I chose similar colors, the blues, in my scrap paper pile and made the bird. 

If your not much of an artist use a pencil and lightly sketch your desired cut out before hand. 

I glued my "beak" down first and then my "feet" and last my bird "body" and "wing." I drew the eye lashes with a skinny black Sharpie.

It turned out great! Plus I got to use scrap paper. 

Waste not, want not, right?

You can see my bird inspiration a little better on my paper to the right. 

I love this page! The color combination; grey & and lime green turned out to be quite the cute pair. 

The page set up is simple yet pleasing to the eye. Framing your pictures with a contrasting color usually isn't a bad idea.