This is from our visit a couple years ago to Texas. 

So fun. 

It was so nice to get away from work and our regular "to dos" plus we made some great memories. 

Naturally, I had to make an adorable page spread for the occasion.


1. Color scheme

2. So may different types of paper!

3. Incorporating pattern on navy blue paper on p.2 to large faint yellow design on right bottom corner

4. Mix matched stripes on page 2

5. "time", "always", "life" sticker brads on p. 1

6. The mustard brads [p.2 on the stripes]

7. The photos, I love these pictures...
Can I just say how fun underwater cameras are?

They are kinda expensive for a disposable camera but its one of those things I splurg on when we go to a water park.

1. Lace

2. Circle detail; I cut a circle and then cut the spiral out of another scrap. I just went around with my scissors and let it be a little chaotic. I glued a gem and ribbon bow in the middle.

3. The picture layout...

4 Yellow scalloped paper under the bottom half of the page (kinda hard to see in this picture)
Can I just say I have an adorable husband?
Just look at this cutie!

For this page I wanted to have somewhat of a manly color scheme and feel...

okay it didn't turn out too overly manly...

I really liked the cork board paper.
I used to to mimick a message board; I have a clip board holding up my "polorid" picture and "pins" to hold up my writing strips.        

I used ribbon, lace, a metal spiral and a bear stamp (colored with color pencil) for details [right]