This was from a fun work party. Each branch in our District got to design a bowling pin to represent their office. 

I live in Southern Utah with all the hicks, rednecks and cowboys.

Needless to say I couldn't resist making the most stereotypical cowboy pin.

AND just so we are clear "Mega Fun Night" was the name of the party, I'm not that cheesy. 


1. The wild paper

2. The be-jewled "FUN" letters; I cut out the letters with a cricket and glued the jewels on.

3. The pin cutouts being knocked over by the bowling pin cutout.

4. Jake bowling action cutouts on p.2
I was feeling nostalgic because Jake proposed in June...


1. The proposal story [p.2]; I love all the images and different stickers I used to make up the story.

2. The clusters [both pages] of flowers, pop stickers etc.

Page 1
Page 2

Favorite details:

1. Photo "stripes" page 1, detail to left.

2. Ribbion trio on page 1, detail to left

3. Hearts strung together on page 1, detail to left [bottom]

4. Picture layout on page 2; group picture, zoomed kissing pictures & another similar group picture

5. Textured clusters of flowers, stickers, paper etc. on both papers.