Can I just say how fun underwater cameras are?

They are kinda expensive for a disposable camera but its one of those things I splurg on when we go to a water park.

1. Lace

2. Circle detail; I cut a circle and then cut the spiral out of another scrap. I just went around with my scissors and let it be a little chaotic. I glued a gem and ribbon bow in the middle.

3. The picture layout...

4 Yellow scalloped paper under the bottom half of the page (kinda hard to see in this picture)

1. Gold Elements; Diamond brads & chains

2. The lace (both pages)

3. Incoporating the peice-y circles & half circles

4. Using arrow for "up" on p. 1

5. Pops of blue; dots on p. 1 are scraps from hole puncher!

6. Letters for title; I used Corina's cricket. So handy! There is a glare but I also used the same lettering on   p. 2 for my "I" at the being of my explanation paragraph and for the "{ }" symbols

7. "I love Jake" picture. Great pictures make a cute page 100 times better.
p. 2
page 1
page 2
This one is from our vacation to Lake Powell last June. It was so fun. You get really pooped out though being in the hot playing all day so we took a nap and Corina got some funny pictures. I had to use them, of course!


1. Waves on both pages

2. Pictures "hanging" by clothes pins on p.1

3. Different patterned pages for "SLEEP"

4. Square folds on bottom of p 1 and bottom left of p.2 
*I made the squares by cutting squares, all the same size, and then cutting circles that where larger than the squares but just large enough for the corners of the squares to touch the rim of the circle. I then folded the excess circle over the squares. I used the same paper for all my circles and a couple different kinds for my squares.

5. The typewriter on p.2; I drew it with ink! So proud.
Page 1
Page 2
This page is one of my favorites. 
I love, love, love the color scheme.

For my red, blue and tan stripes I used scraps. I love scraps. 
I have a lot of love today I guess...

I only had one "light blue whale" paper but I wanted to use it on both pages (to tie them together). 


I cut off the bottom 3 inches and used the main portion on page 1. 
The extra 3 inches I turned vertical for the right side of page 2.

The shells were cut with the cricket. 

I tied the net [bottom of page 2] together using thick white string. 

I hand cut the "tags" from page 2 and used a hole punch for the circle. 
I cut out one of the whales (from my paper), added some hand cut "waves and "14" (# of lifeguards) to the first tag. 
For the second tag I wrote the name of our pool and the "Summer '10."

I always write a date on my pages; no use documenting memories if you can't remember when they are from! :)

To honor of the fact that Summer has finally made it to Utah..."knock on wood" I decided that I needed to post a Summer themed scrapbook page.

I chose a somewhat calm blue background page, light blue waves.

3 fun patterned pages were cut into thick stripes [pic above]; rainbow striped [far left], summer script [middle] and purple polka dots [far right].

I found these cute foam beach stickers [top right pic] from Archivers at the Provo Town Center Mall. I glued pieces of thick white string between them to "connect".

For the sun's middle I chose a shimmery orange paper. The "summer" letters, cut with the cricket, and the sun beams were cut from the same matte orange paper.

I used foam puffs to make the "summer" stand out. I also stuck another piece of white string under the "U" where the oranges were blending together.
I also used a white gel pen around the entire page; to create "stitching" around the sun, to frame Jake kissing me and to "stitch" around my labels.