Page 1
Page 2
This page is one of my favorites. 
I love, love, love the color scheme.

For my red, blue and tan stripes I used scraps. I love scraps. 
I have a lot of love today I guess...

I only had one "light blue whale" paper but I wanted to use it on both pages (to tie them together). 


I cut off the bottom 3 inches and used the main portion on page 1. 
The extra 3 inches I turned vertical for the right side of page 2.

The shells were cut with the cricket. 

I tied the net [bottom of page 2] together using thick white string. 

I hand cut the "tags" from page 2 and used a hole punch for the circle. 
I cut out one of the whales (from my paper), added some hand cut "waves and "14" (# of lifeguards) to the first tag. 
For the second tag I wrote the name of our pool and the "Summer '10."

I always write a date on my pages; no use documenting memories if you can't remember when they are from! :)



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