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This one is from our vacation to Lake Powell last June. It was so fun. You get really pooped out though being in the hot playing all day so we took a nap and Corina got some funny pictures. I had to use them, of course!


1. Waves on both pages

2. Pictures "hanging" by clothes pins on p.1

3. Different patterned pages for "SLEEP"

4. Square folds on bottom of p 1 and bottom left of p.2 
*I made the squares by cutting squares, all the same size, and then cutting circles that where larger than the squares but just large enough for the corners of the squares to touch the rim of the circle. I then folded the excess circle over the squares. I used the same paper for all my circles and a couple different kinds for my squares.

5. The typewriter on p.2; I drew it with ink! So proud.

To the right I have a close up of my net; I tied this myself people! 

I know I'm a little nuts...

I took just regular pieces of twine, cut them my desired length and got a knottin'

It took forever but I am very pleased with the end look!

To the right [bottom] I have a close up of my charms. 

The carriage I cut out from my scrapbook paper and the little dress I actually used from a really old bracelet. 

Side note: If you have old charms, material, textures etc. keep it in your scrapbooking area.  I have used so much stuff that most would think was junk. 

These little things add so much life to your page and cost $0.00!
This one is just a single page instead of a spread.

My neice Taiz is so cute! She makes this page so much better!


1. ScrapQueens cricket sign

2. Dragon sticker

3. Crown on "scrap" word

4. The net

5. Hanging charms 


1. "ZOO"; The cut out, the pictures behind the "o"s, and the twine wrapped around.
2. Green burlap
3. Adorable animal pop up stickers
4. Bee "flying" through page with dashes
I love this page; the paper, color scheme, pearls and flowers. It defiantly says "Spring" like I had hoped. My cute little niece doesn't hurt either!


1. The "HUNT" assorted letters

2. Wood paper [page 1]

3. Flower and pearl decals

4. Layout [page 2]

5. Use of paper strips [square on page 2, middle, top]

6. Writing on pictures with white pen


I had a lot of fun incorporating fish, fishing line, hooks etc. in this page.

Who new fish could be so artist inspiring!


1. Spelling "love" with the conjoining fish line made of string from Jake's pole to mine.

2. Using the gold wire to bend into fish hooks.

3. The white pen on the blue & brown background.

4. Making large fish for page 2 hooked

5. Cutting out image of me sitting on the bottom of page 1.


1. Red flags throughout spread
2. Incuded conference tickets
3. Buttons
4. Color scheme
Sharing another one of my cards that I had pre-made.

I used this cute cork board paper that I found at a scrapbooking store, white printer paper, a large "cherished" sticker and three jewel brads. 

I wrote the "you are..." with a sharpie. 
I got the idea for this cute little card from Pinterest. You can see the original on my "scrap" board (link is under my page description, top right).

I decided a couple of months ago that I needed to make a bunch of cards to have handy for thank yous, congrats, Birthdays etc. 

Thank goodness I had them!

Jake recently went back to work after begin out since mid March due to a broken knee.

I am that great wife that said, "go off the jump honey!" 

He probably wont dare to go snowboarding with me for some time.

The guys Jake works are awesome! They all donated some of their holiday time, sick time, personal time etc. so that we could get Jake's full check for almost all of those missed pay periods. 
They were life savers!!!

I shouldn't have been surprised when Jake comes home from work and announces, "I need 7 cards for the guys at work. I feel like a jerk because we didn't thank them formally. So I need you to make them something or cook something.

long pause


Shy smile

So I went into "frantic thinking" mode... 

Crap! where are my scissors?!

Am I seriously out of glue?!

Then I found my pre-made cards; Whew!

I did have to adapt a couple birthday cards etc. but we made it! This card [above] was my favorite. 
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Favorite details:

1. Photo "stripes" page 1, detail to left.

2. Ribbion trio on page 1, detail to left

3. Hearts strung together on page 1, detail to left [bottom]

4. Picture layout on page 2; group picture, zoomed kissing pictures & another similar group picture

5. Textured clusters of flowers, stickers, paper etc. on both papers.
Page 1
Page 2
Favorite details:

1. Gluing rope to form the "girl"
2. The "hinges" cut out from the cricket to connect pictures [page 1], and picture & writing [page 2].
3. Cowboy stick sitting on the "C"
4. Flowers on foam to "pop" out
5. The green burlap