I got the idea for this cute little card from Pinterest. You can see the original on my "scrap" board (link is under my page description, top right).

I decided a couple of months ago that I needed to make a bunch of cards to have handy for thank yous, congrats, Birthdays etc. 

Thank goodness I had them!

Jake recently went back to work after begin out since mid March due to a broken knee.

I am that great wife that said, "go off the jump honey!" 

He probably wont dare to go snowboarding with me for some time.

The guys Jake works are awesome! They all donated some of their holiday time, sick time, personal time etc. so that we could get Jake's full check for almost all of those missed pay periods. 
They were life savers!!!

I shouldn't have been surprised when Jake comes home from work and announces, "I need 7 cards for the guys at work. I feel like a jerk because we didn't thank them formally. So I need you to make them something or cook something.

long pause


Shy smile

So I went into "frantic thinking" mode... 

Crap! where are my scissors?!

Am I seriously out of glue?!

Then I found my pre-made cards; Whew!

I did have to adapt a couple birthday cards etc. but we made it! This card [above] was my favorite. 

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