Yes. I am posting our Halloween costume in December. 

It was just too fun to leave off the blog even though it is extremely late posting.

This year Jake and I were a deer and a hunter. I took inspiration for my make up and hair from a picture off pinterest.

I used my regular coverup, a white coverup tube, bronzer and black eyeliner pencil. 

My only change would be to use liquid eyeliner instead. I was really hard to make the black dark when writing over the white coverup.

I also threw on some awesome faux eyelashes, painted my nails forest green and did the side buns for "ears."
Okay we are going to ignore the fact that I look slightly depressed in this picture and focus on how cute this outfit this is.

I've had the jacket for some time now but I believe I got it at either Forever 21 or Maurices.

The shirt and pants are new...

The shirt was about $20 at Forever 21

The pants were about $15 on Amazon, they were "Zehui Women's Bowknot Baggy Harlem Pants" 

love. love. love.
I had to add in the panel to show off my new hair! 

My friend Leslie did my hair and lash extensions for me this week. If you live in Utah County and are looking for someone she is fantastic!

For church today I wore my rose dress. I bought this dress about 5 years from Forever 21. I can't remember how much it was but most things I buy there are pretty reasonable.

I wore my orange cardigan over top and green close toe heels.
Bringing out an older picture today for some causal outfit inspiration!

This picture is from a photo session with my sister TyRee that we did for fun. I wore my hot pink plaid collared button down with my MissMe jeans. 

I'm a little spoiled by my sweet husband; he bought me the fancy jeans! Such a sweetheart. 

Getting back on track...

For my hair, I took advantage of my wild bed head hair waves. I added a couple extra curls as needed with my straightener and then bobby pinned my bangs into a large poof.
I realized while typing the title to the post that it sounds too much like pin-up girls. Whoops! Too late, already edited my photo.

This pin-up is for pinning up the sides of your hair to mimic a half up hair style.

I first loosely curled my entire head. Then I pulled back the sides of my hair, one at a time, and bobby pinned into place. 

This is one of my favorite quick hair dos.

All you need to do is french braid your bangs, or what would be your bangs, from one side to the other and bobby pin in place.

I have also paired this braid with ponytails, buns, half up dos the whole enchilada!

The best part?

Your hair is totally out of your way and it looks fancy too!

For my hair I loosly curled all my hair. 

I then pulled my bangs and the sides of my hair back into a poof. I secured with four bobby pins.

If your poof doesn't stand very well you can "rat" it first.

All in all pretty easy.

For eye makeup I coated my eye from inner corner to mid lid with white & outer corner to mid lid with light pink. 

To add definition I took a darker pink in my eye crease from outer corner to mid lid. 

I finished with mascara. 
I decided to use an old photo for todays fashion post. 

The basics; black heels & pencil skirt, yellow top and grey vest. There are three different colors, gotta love contrast! The black and grey are nutral to prevent the combo from being to add contr too overwhelming. 

I did my hair down with full curls to add a spunky vibe.
I was finally brave enough to try a middle part this weekend. 

I've decided I have become too attached to my left side part and that it was time to go outside the comfort zone.

I think all of us have that "beauty comfort zone" in which we operate and are afraid to try things that may seem a little too strange for us. 

Break it.

It took some getting used to but I had a lot of fun with my middle part today!

I decided to mimic a "blow out" and loosely curl my hair. Changing my part actually gave me more volume. 

I'll take it! 

I've decided I will let the picture do most of the talking on this post, 
I will however note that I realize necklace is spelled wrong. 

Not changing it now. 
Too lazy. 
Its Saturday. 
My mind doesn't work on Saturdays...

I got my faux leather leggings on Amazon for $14
I love the edgy zipper on the side and they go with basically everything.