Bringing out an older picture today for some causal outfit inspiration!

This picture is from a photo session with my sister TyRee that we did for fun. I wore my hot pink plaid collared button down with my MissMe jeans. 

I'm a little spoiled by my sweet husband; he bought me the fancy jeans! Such a sweetheart. 

Getting back on track...

For my hair, I took advantage of my wild bed head hair waves. I added a couple extra curls as needed with my straightener and then bobby pinned my bangs into a large poof.
I realized while typing the title to the post that it sounds too much like pin-up girls. Whoops! Too late, already edited my photo.

This pin-up is for pinning up the sides of your hair to mimic a half up hair style.

I first loosely curled my entire head. Then I pulled back the sides of my hair, one at a time, and bobby pinned into place. 

I was feeling "green" for work today. But seriously, I love green...and I love cardigans. I got this extra long one a couple years ago. 

Today I paired it with my black vest, zebra halter and grey slacks.

I used gold tones for my eye shadow and similar bronzer on my cheeks.

For my hair I formed a low messy bum on the right side of my head. Whenever I have an updo I try to take advantage and wear dangly earrings! Today I wore my gold chain ones.
This is one of my favorite quick hair dos.

All you need to do is french braid your bangs, or what would be your bangs, from one side to the other and bobby pin in place.

I have also paired this braid with ponytails, buns, half up dos the whole enchilada!

The best part?

Your hair is totally out of your way and it looks fancy too!
I love the way this bun is so messy and unkept but still out of your way. Perfect.

Heres how to do it.

1. Make a low ponytail.
2. Grab a small, finger sized piece of hair from the top of your pony. 
    Loop it up, over and under your hair tie.
3. Continue to take small pieces and tucking them similarly back into your hair tie. 
    Do this until you have all/almost all of your hair back into a "bun."

You can make this look as messy or as neat as you want. 
When my hair is longer I can make it look really neat for a more formal style.