Yes. I am posting our Halloween costume in December. 

It was just too fun to leave off the blog even though it is extremely late posting.

This year Jake and I were a deer and a hunter. I took inspiration for my make up and hair from a picture off pinterest.

I used my regular coverup, a white coverup tube, bronzer and black eyeliner pencil. 

My only change would be to use liquid eyeliner instead. I was really hard to make the black dark when writing over the white coverup.

I also threw on some awesome faux eyelashes, painted my nails forest green and did the side buns for "ears."
Awful picture...but it will have to do. Sometimes it stinks not having a tripod.

For this Sunday outfit I wore a mustard/patterned dress with a tan jacket, brown belt, brown boots and a chunky navy necklace.

I did a top knot to keep my hair simple. I was in a rush!

I loved this outfit because the boots are super comfy and a lot easier to get around in than heels when you are on the go.
You'll notice that I have a lot of black and white clothes and out fit ideas.

You can't go wrong with black and white.

This is one of my favorite couple of pieces of clothing:

1. Lace turtle neck

2. Pencil skirt with suspenders

3. Faux leather heeled booties

I was daring and I added fancy make-up with darling red lips and a cross bun.
I love red lips! I rarely get the courage to wear them though because I have large lips and color draws that much more attention to them. 

But what the hey! I decided to go for it today.

 I also tried out a new hair style today; the cross bun. I got the hairstyle from this blog.

My bun wasn't as tidy because my hair is short and layered but it still turned out pretty cute. It was really easy too.

All you need to do is make a low loop , by not pulling your pony completely through your hair tie. Make sure you leave out two pieces by your ears. Take those two pieces and wrap them over your pony and bobby pin in place. 

It is that EASY.
I love getting the excuse to dress up! 

Tonight I had an celebratory dinner for getting an award at work. Since there where only three of us that won this time we decided to splurge and treat ourselves to Tepanyaki Japanese Steakhouse. 

YUM! I melt thinking of the food...and I just finished eating it!

The chefs are awesome too; they cook in front of you. I almost caught the shrimp tossed at me, almost.

I was still feeling like jeans but wanted to dress it up so I went with my purple skinny jeans.

I paired with a black and white striped tank, white cardigan (another birthday purchase), and black heels. These are my favorite heels. They rock!
This is such a fun girly outfit! I'm married to a cowboy so of course he got me some nice Ariat boots. Yes, I'm spoiled.

I paired my sweet boots with my lace blouse, knit bolero, floral skirt, brown belt and bronze jewelry. As cheesy as it sounds, I just felt pretty and feminine. 

For my hair I loosly curled all my hair. 

I then pulled my bangs and the sides of my hair back into a poof. I secured with four bobby pins.

If your poof doesn't stand very well you can "rat" it first.

All in all pretty easy.

For eye makeup I coated my eye from inner corner to mid lid with white & outer corner to mid lid with light pink. 

To add definition I took a darker pink in my eye crease from outer corner to mid lid. 

I finished with mascara. 
I decided to use an old photo for todays fashion post. 

The basics; black heels & pencil skirt, yellow top and grey vest. There are three different colors, gotta love contrast! The black and grey are nutral to prevent the combo from being to add contr too overwhelming. 

I did my hair down with full curls to add a spunky vibe.
As promised, my "curling with your straightener" tutorial...
1. You'll want to use relatively small pieces of hair to allow the heat of the straightener work its way through. 
Also if you feeling overwhelmed with hair everywhere, tie up the sections of your hair you are not currently working with. Much better, no?

2. Get your straightener on that baby, start as close to your scalp as your comfortable with. Don't burn yourself! 
Again, little pieces at a time.

3. Turn your straightener to a bend & slowly pull away from your scalp to your tips.

4. Continue until you've got a luscious head of curls to your liking.

Notes: Depending on the angle you hold the straighter will depend on how loose/tight curls you have. 
The angle I chose here gave me pretty loose curls [figure 4]

If you want really tight curls you will want you straightener to be parallel with the floor. 
In the same respect if you want really loose beachy waves you will almost want your straightener vertical.

You can also choose to bend your straightener towards your mirror or away; This will determine the way your curl goes.