Today I am sharing my "date jar" that I made for Jake and I.

I don't know about you but I get stir crazy! If I am stuck at home for too many days in a row I have to get out, go do something.

We also don't always have tons of ideas on the drop of a hat, or the money to blow.

I started googling cheap & creative date ideas and I came up with an idea.

I bought some popsicle sticks at Walmart (super cheap I might add) and cleaned an old jam jar. I also grabbed some string, a notebook, paper & a sharpie.

I opened the notebook and started to put down my date ideas. 

I numbered them and put information that pertained to that idea. 

For example, for my idea rollerskating I wrote the closest rollerskating location and the price.

The plan is to eventually color code the sticks as well; A color for low cost, high cost, warm weather, cold weather, lots of planning, & little planning. 

Did you get all of that?  
Some of the Date ideas:
1. Road Trip
2. Bake a cake
3. Farmer's Market
4. Scary Movie Night (we love Zombie movies!)
5. 20 questions
6. Watch sunset/sunrise
7. Swimming
8. Rollerskating
9. Movie
10. Walk
11. Picnic
12. Camping
13. Fishing
14. Open mic night
15. Laser Tag
16. Sledding
17. Volunteer
18. Paint
19. Rock Climbing
20. Tandem Bike Ride

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