I made this page when I was too frugal to pay for decorative scrapbooking paper. I got a book of plain colors, which is where I got the grey. 

The black and white print is actually printed from my computer
I just googled demask pattern. I was so proud of myself. 

I also used real newspaper but I would advise against this for those of you also using it. Here is why;
 My mother-in-law, the Queen of scrapbooking, informed me that the acids in the newspaper will most likely damage photos over time. 

Also, be aware of the type of adhesives you are using. Same deal, acids will damage your pics!

 The white paper for picture boarder is printer paper and the white stripes were scraps. I did fork out the "big bucks" for the flowers, sparkly letters and white/black rub on letters. I love rub ons! Anyway, happy scrapin'!


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