I have the shortest, straightest eyelashes. I usually curl them everyday and put on waterproof mascara to hold the curl. On occasion I will wear a faux eyelash strip but lets be honest they are kind of a pain.

We have a new girl at work that is also going to beauty school. She told me about eyelash extensions. So cool. Now they are a bit expensive; usually around $50-$65 a set. A set will last about 3 week however, it depends on how well you take care of them.

I decided to try them and I. am. in. love. I don't need to wear mascara at all! 

I didn't brush them out in this picture thats why the middle is a little clumped...anyways...

To get them on I had to lie down for about an half hour to an hour while she individually glued each lash to my own. It was pretty cool. 

I had to add in the panel to show off my new hair! 

My friend Leslie did my hair and lash extensions for me this week. If you live in Utah County and are looking for someone she is fantastic!

For church today I wore my rose dress. I bought this dress about 5 years from Forever 21. I can't remember how much it was but most things I buy there are pretty reasonable.

I wore my orange cardigan over top and green close toe heels.
Sooo this picture isn't the greatest but you can get the basic idea...

I bought this navy, black collared tee at Forever 21 for $12. It is so versatile because I can dress it down or up!

For work today I paired it with a black vest and dark grey trousers.

I was so excited about this patriotic tank.

I found this "America, 50 states of Awesome" tank [left] at Old Navy on sale for $10.00

I saved it for fourth of July but honestly, I would wear it on any causal day of the week.

I love America!

I paired with my jean button down, skinny jeans and red Keds.

Happy late 4rth everybody, God Bless!
So I don't how many of your are out there that are loving the new fashions but can't do anything with the mid-drifts and   bustiers because of personal preference, religious reasons etc.

I decided that I would enjoy some of these funky fashions but adapt to my liking. 

I started by making a mid-drift from one of my favorite band tees, this Guns and Roses one was getting too small anyways. I simply cut up from the hem to just under my bust line. I did this all the way around the shirt. Real simple. 

You can reference my picture above if you would like to have the same look.

I layered my re-vamped band tee over a white tank and used my knit bolero over top. For bottoms I wore my MissMe jeans Jake got me for Christmas. 

My hair was simple I added a couple curls to my already wavy bed head and teased my crown for volume.

I also found and awesome blog for make-up that gave some great tips for applying faux eyelashes. You can find the video here.

Her basic tips where apply enough glue, especially make sure you have enough on the ends of the strip. 

Allow some time for the glue to dry a little before you apply it to you eye (about 1 min.)

Center your lash by applying the center of the lash to the center of your lid and then press down the corners.
I was having a hard time deciding which of my pages to post this on. I decided TWO; thats right if you saw this on my "My Nest" page too you are not going crazy.

Alright so this is a little unorthodox for this page because its baby fashion instead of women's fashion but it is just too darn cute. I recently bought this outfit for my best friend, Bri, who is pregnant with her first. 

She loves Def Leppard, actually they are her favorite band. I couldn't help myself when I found this onsie so I splurged at go it for $25 from Amazon (including shipping). 

I lucked out and found these adorable tan pants at Old Navy for $5.00 and these Van-look-a-likes at Walmart for $5 as well. 

Add it all together and you get one stud-ly 80s Rocker baby
Bringing out an older picture today for some causal outfit inspiration!

This picture is from a photo session with my sister TyRee that we did for fun. I wore my hot pink plaid collared button down with my MissMe jeans. 

I'm a little spoiled by my sweet husband; he bought me the fancy jeans! Such a sweetheart. 

Getting back on track...

For my hair, I took advantage of my wild bed head hair waves. I added a couple extra curls as needed with my straightener and then bobby pinned my bangs into a large poof.
You'll notice that I have a lot of black and white clothes and out fit ideas.

You can't go wrong with black and white.

This is one of my favorite couple of pieces of clothing:

1. Lace turtle neck

2. Pencil skirt with suspenders

3. Faux leather heeled booties

I was daring and I added fancy make-up with darling red lips and a cross bun.
I love red lips! I rarely get the courage to wear them though because I have large lips and color draws that much more attention to them. 

But what the hey! I decided to go for it today.

 I also tried out a new hair style today; the cross bun. I got the hairstyle from this blog.

My bun wasn't as tidy because my hair is short and layered but it still turned out pretty cute. It was really easy too.

All you need to do is make a low loop , by not pulling your pony completely through your hair tie. Make sure you leave out two pieces by your ears. Take those two pieces and wrap them over your pony and bobby pin in place. 

It is that EASY.
I love getting the excuse to dress up! 

Tonight I had an celebratory dinner for getting an award at work. Since there where only three of us that won this time we decided to splurge and treat ourselves to Tepanyaki Japanese Steakhouse. 

YUM! I melt thinking of the food...and I just finished eating it!

The chefs are awesome too; they cook in front of you. I almost caught the shrimp tossed at me, almost.

I was still feeling like jeans but wanted to dress it up so I went with my purple skinny jeans.

I paired with a black and white striped tank, white cardigan (another birthday purchase), and black heels. These are my favorite heels. They rock!