This was one of my cheapest decorations ever!

I was offered these beautiful antique window panels for free. Free!

Such a marvelous word...

Anyways my mother-in-law, Corina had a friend that was re-doing a house and had the old windows.

She let me snag 2 panels.

Then Corina and I hoped on down to Tai Pan Trading, in the Provo mall, and I picked out this wreath.

It was $4o but with my coupon I got out of there spending $22.

Next ,I went to Walmart and got this burlap.
I told you I'm obsessed with burlap!

I cut the burlap into strips and attached my wreath to my frame with tacs. 

Probably a better idea to use something more secure to attach but I'm impatient. And its still holing.

I made the bow separate and stitched it to the burlap strap.

I have it on my ledge in my kitchen next to my "EAT" letters from my previous post.

So proud of my $25 project!

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